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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-====== The GridWay Metascheduler Project ====== 
-The GridWay project started in September 2002. The first releases of the metascheduler were developed for research purposes in adaptive and dynamic scheduling and were only distributed on request in binary format. The first open source version, GridWay 4.0, and the project website were released in January 2005. The code is currently distributed under Apache license, version 2.0. The last release, GridWay 5.2, is the result of the knowledge and experience gained through years of research and development and the feedback from our user community. 
-Since January 2005, release date of its first open-source version, the GridWay Metascheduler has been downloaded from almost **two thousand companies and research centres in 100 different countries**. GridWay is being used as metascheduler in several infrastructures and has been referenced in research papers, market overviews and OGF documents. 
-The results of the project have been published in [[http://​dsa-research.org/​doku.php?​id=publications:​publications | journals and workshop proceedings]]. The members of the research team participate in several [[about:ogf | OGF groups]], mainly the Distributed Resource Management Application API Working (DRMAA-WG) and Grid Scheduling Architecture Research (GSA-RG) groups, aiming to incorporate into GridWay the latest standards, requirements and best practices. 
-The GridWay project is being developed by the [[http://​dsa-research.org/​ | Distributed Systems Architecture Group]] from [[http://​www.ucm.es | Universidad Complutense de Madrid]]. GridWay joined the [[http://​dev.globus.org/​wiki/​Incubator/​Incubator_Process | dev.globus incubation process]] in May 2006, being the first ever project to escalate to a [[http://​dev.globus.org/​wiki/​GridWay | full Globus project]] in January 2007. GridWay so adheres to [[http://​dev.globus.org/​wiki/​Guidelines#​Globus_Philosophy | Globus philosophy]] and [[http://​dev.globus.org/​wiki/​Guidelines | guidelines for collaborative development]]. ​ 
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